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By anto020681 | December 4, 2014

Small Bathroom Design Pictures and Tips for Modern Homes

Small bathroom design become a hot topic today, almost all of home owner make small bathroom in their house for several purposes, such as guest bathroom, powder room and kids bathroom. Is your bathroom pretty small? Come on, overlook the size of your bathroom and create it in an extraordinary way with adequate of interior […]

By blesak | November 27, 2014

Small Bathroom Design For Beautiful Girls

Small Bathroom Design for Teen Girls Small bathroom design is one concept that is applied specifically to design a bathroom that has a capacity of small or limited space. Small bathroom design is one concept of bathroom design that can be applied to a variety of design concepts and an attractive decor that suits a […]

By blesak | November 15, 2014

Modern and Fresh Bathroom theme using The Green Tiles

There are so many themes that carried the designer for the bathroom. One is the theme of a modern and fresh as you can see here. With the dominance of the green color, especially on the tiles. Make this bathroom feels really fresh. Modern and artistic impression on the interior of  bathroom you can also beencountered. As in the tub, bulkhead or maybe mirrors.

By blesak | October 11, 2014

Natural Stone on Natural Bathroom’s Wall and Floor

It’s great to design your bathroom with a something new and fresh, with natural stone on wall of flooring theme. Here are the collection of natural bathroom with natural stone decorations, just enjoy it and get the inspiration for your bathroom remodeling project or your next bathroom design.

By blesak | October 10, 2014

Modern Bathroom Design Collections from Kent Bathrooms

Modern bathroom designs. Kent produces a large variants of bathroom designs, modern bathroom designs are the bathroom design with something looks new and completed with any sophisticated technology and materials, the first picture describe you how to design a modern bathroom with combining white color with another color. Its named Cambridge Bathroom Suite, decorated in […]

By blesak | March 15, 2014

Unique Toilet Ideas For Modern Bathroom

The unique toilet model with a modern style and bright color smake the bathroom design look more artistic. With sharp curves and boldcolors of this particular toilet design would make a mark.

By blesak | March 14, 2014

Modern Bathroom Design With Blue Decoration

Bathroom design with blue decor makes us feel calm andcomfortable in the bathroom. Cool blue color that seemed to makeour eyes feel comfortable. Coupled with proper placement of the toilet can add to our comfort. Modern lighting in the bathrooms add a luxurious impression.

By blesak | February 11, 2014

Modern Bathroom Design in Unique, Fresh and Clean Looks Trends

Modern bathroom  is a bathroom with a sophisticated accessories and used latest style, much of modern bathroom used an unique shape that really different with another style before. Bathroom lighting arrangement is the main key in creating a clean looks and fresh modern bathroom design. Here are several sample modern bathroom design that used this […]

By blesak | January 10, 2014

Small Bathroom Design Using Shower Room

Small Bathroom Design with Shower Room Small bathroom design is one concept that special bathroom design applied to a small bathroom. Although the bathroom design is applied with a small bathroom design concept, but a small bathroom can be added to other facilities in accordance with the concept of small bathroom design. The bathroom is […]

By blesak | December 4, 2013

Modern Toilet for Modern Bathrooms

A modern bathroom, of course, need a modern toilet to beautify theinterior. If you want something different to decorate your bathroom,this modern toilets and the artistic design of Edil Italy is the best foryou. Edil Italy has a collection of many of the modern toilet with richstyle and funky. There are many choices of their collections such as: toilet snake theme, transparent toilet, stylish black and others. Whatever the style and size  bathroom,  toilet is installed perfectly. Incoming search terms for the article:toilet modern style