Modern Kitchen Design With Nice Lighting and Green Color Furnitures


You liked the green color and want to apply it in your kitchen?Maybe some green colored kitchen can provide an idea for you. Design the kitchen with a soothing green color of our eyes. Coupled with good lighting makes the kitchen a modern design look more elegant and comfortable viewing.


Ellegant Design Furniture For Small Bathroom

Elegant Furniture for Small Bathroom1

This very elegant design furniture for small bathroom shows very little can be very beautiful. This collection, ceramic sinks, and accessories combining traditional elegance of a large bathroom. Steel shaft and asymmetric appeal cabinets, glass, and stainless sink Corian equipped with various advanced materials. This collection has been created in perfect harmony with sink, cabinets and shelving as well as various kinds. Miller, all frames are available in different finishes can be supplied to LED lights. The furniture, I was surprised by the color of light and elegant solution. Almost every bathroom has a beautiful purple. Emphasizing the color curves of furniture, make sure it is more sophisticated. Bathrooms are small, may have a large face on all such furniture.

Elegant Furniture for Small Bathroom2

Elegant Furniture for Small Bathroom3Elegant Furniture for Small Bathroom4Elegant Furniture for Small Bathroom5

Gold Componibile And Luxury Classic Furniture Bathroom

luxury classic bathroom furniture5

If you are tired of decorating and renovating the bedrooms and living rooms of your luxurious home, it’s time to pamper your bathroom with the same attention. Gold Componibile bathroom furniture collection was made by a company called Lineatre which was founded in 1983 by Fernando Berts after many years in wood and furniture indutry. This collection bathroom includes two built-in under sinks cabinets made of solid wood and marble tabletops, mirror in wooden frame with gold trim, low tables and other accessories.These kind of bathrooms not only have a special appeal but also are trendy and full decorated. design from picture it’s one luxury and very comfortable.After a very long day of work is needed a shower cold or hot depending on the season into bathroom like will be a pleasure.The tub is upholstered in pale-yellow leather giving a gold feeling and making the bathroom expensive.

luxury classic bathroom furniture4

luxury classic bathroom furniture3luxury classic bathroom furniture2luxury classic bathroom furniture1

Modern Interior Design With Nice Lighting and Fulcolor Decoration

modern bedroom design artistic and colorful1

A window in the bedroom shows off the architect’s crisp steel-frame that harks to an aesthetic of high American Modernism. Furnishing is minimal and in classic modern style.

modern bedroom design artistic and colorful2modern bedroom design artistic and colorful3modern living room design artistic and colorful1modern living room design artistic and colorful2

Artistic and Colorful Shelter Island House Pictures

Modern house pictures design1

If you’re looking for ideas for an artistic Shelter island, this might bethe answer. With a blend of art and modern design of this housetruly exceptional. Shelter Island is perhaps the most polychromaticproject we’ve ever lihat.Shelter island features a number of color combinations, using both material and technology, new paintpigment. The first thing to strike you about Shelter Island is acomplex jumble of apparently chaotic fields, walls, roof and windows. Walls, ceilings, floors, inside and outside, each planarsurface has been given a unique color, an approach which has been extended to furniture, furnishings and art. The overall effect is a war,but very harmonious, changing every vista a frozen composition.Please visit our website for more info and latest home design.

Modern house pictures design5

Modern house pictures design2Modern house pictures design4Modern house pictures design3

Modern Retail Interior Design – RK Apothecary


The interior design at a store that sells bath and body products are very artistic. Modern retail interiors retail spatially efficient and visually appealing. This product is taken from shelves and displayedon a series of tables “outre fruit” so that customers can engage with it. From interior design and furniture actually showed a modernshop. For full info please click here.


Modern Shop Ideas – Interior and Exterior Design

modern-shop interior design2

Modern shop with the concept of the museum quite beautifully presented. Some goods are provided there. Ranging from jewelryto handicrafts. With adequate lighting the store it feels comfortableto visit.

modern-shop interior design1modern-shop exterior design1modern-shop exterior design2modern-shop exterior design3

Ray Ban Fashion Store, Modern and Amazing Retail Store Design

store front If you want to make a ritail store to sell glasses, or a fancy optics.You should consider many things. Starting from the exterior design, interior design, the placement of tables and display racks and more. For inspiration, you can see the handiwork Randall-Paulson Architects served as Architect of Record, which builds upscale retail stores for Ray-Ban sunglasses.

The opening of this “Flagship” stores is the time to correspond with the arrival of the 1996 Summer Olympics. This is the first retail stores Ray-Ban. The store was designed to serve as a showcase for the latest designs sunglass Ray-Ban, and as a gallery depicting the evolution of product line Ray-Ban.

Due to limited impressions square, the space is very dependent on the details of design to create the depth, scale and impact.Features include:
• walls and arched ceilings make
dramatic depth
• Stone tile, sheet metal, glass,
add texture and natural forests
and various
• Slippery little house custom cases, museum-style exhibitions and
displaying merchandise
• Video screens and larger than life
graphics add visual impact
• Strategic designed lighting
and skylights artificial increase
dramatic atmosphere
ray ban retail storeray ban retail store
ray ban retail store
ray ban retail store

Seat Toilet Art for Modern Bathroom

seat toilet art1

Many ways to create unique and artistic impressionon the interior bathrooms design. One of them with toiluxe.Toiluxe is one of a kind of art “functional” ,usingtheoriginal media – toilet seat.  Eachchair hand painted and cured with a sealer to prevent waterdamage. Toilet seat mounting hardware is included, but feel free todisplay it outside the bathroom. Hanging on the wall, above the pitdoor, wherever you want.

seat toilet art2

seat toilet art3seat toilet art4seat toilet art5

Toilet Art for Modern Bathroom

artistic toilet4

These artistic toilet is the creation of Artistic Illusions RenaissanceKitchen & Bath ®.  Toilet  with  metal material  will  change  the  ordinary house  into  a  different  beauty  and  elegance.  Modern  and  luxuriousimpression  will be more visible on the interior of your bathroom. You will get a modern bathroom design and artistic.

artistic toilet1

artistic toilet5artistic toilet2artistic toilet3