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By blesak | October 22, 2014

Teen Bedroom Furniture in Colorful and Elegant

cool and elegant colorful bedroom furniture - greenWhat a beautiful, cool and elegant bedroom collection it is, a modern bedroom is not usually designed in complex and heavy accessories, but it’s simple enough. Just take a look on these collection of best bedroom furniture set with colorful ideas, suitable for your teen or kids bedroom. source

cool and elegant colorful bedroom furniture - red

cool and elegant colorful bedroom furniture - black and white

cool and elegant colorful bedroom furniture

modern bedroom furniture in colorful

By anto020681 | October 22, 2014

5 Best Modern Home Furniture You Can Adopt with Timeless Trend

Modern home furniture always changing its trend, but if you can be creative, you can solving this problem by some easy tips on decoration. The important thing is choosing some timeless trend in decoration. Here are 5 best modern home furniture that you can adopt with timeless trend. All the pictures are taken from internet with the keyword of Modern Home Furniture. Keep in  your mind that a furniture trend always have several factors included color, shape, basic theme, materials, etc. It means that some furniture are become favorite in a country for many years, but it’s not popular in other place.

Modern Home Furniture with black and white color sofa

Modern Home Furniture with black and white color sofa

Combining patterns, colors, texture to create a livable space

Take it easy to play combining patterns and colors to create a livable space, sometimes pattern such as strip, or a gradation color become a seasonal trend in a country, but the pattern can also be the most favorite and become a character of a culture, and become a timeless trends. Its up to you to choose the best pattern that has timeless trend and become a special character or theme.

Bright and Airy interior with transparent wall or large window

Bright and Airy interior with transparent wall or large window

Bright and Airy interior with transparent wall or large window

All modern home need sufficient lighting and fresh air to keep your furniture looks bright and fresh, avoid to reduce the lighting and a blank spot in your home. Whatever the theme of the furniture, it’s important to keep your room looks fresh. To create some full lighting and airy room, you need some transparent wall or a large windows. It also a good idea to create an opened or transparent roof in your home.

By blesak | October 22, 2014

Modern Home with Beautiful Views on Vaucluse House

modern home with beautiful views - front viewIt’s an amazing if you have a modern house with beautiful views such as this Vaucluse House, these house is situated on a narrow site with waterfront at one short end and parkland along the long northerly side. This modern house was a cooperation projects between Bruce Stafford, Bevan Boss, Anna Antoinades and Michelle Zhou. The interiors are designed by Shellee Girdoun and the Lighting designer is the team of Special Lights. The outdoor side of the house is designed well, there is an infinity pool on the front side, and the backyard side there is a beautiful landscape that designed together between the project team and Jane Grossberg as the landscape consultant.

modern home with beautiful views - backyard landscape

modern home with beautiful views - living roomThe main concept that can bring this house into a beautiful views is to frame the various view opportunities from the moment one arrived off the street, by creating a range of different spaces, all connected to a central vertical and horizontal circulation spine in the long axis of the site. The large glass wall also become the most important element that can make this house naturally matched with the environment of the house.

modern home with beautiful views - master bedroom designsHome decor and lighting ideas are another factor that can keep these house in warmth and cozy look, the use of natural stone was core to design brief, the backlit Onyx and dry stacked quartz stone walls provide highlights in the material palette. via

modern home with beautiful views - interior home decor

By blesak | October 21, 2014

Designing Your Modern Bathroom with Suitable Bathroom Vanities

modern bathroom vanities -single - black and whitemodern bathroom vanities -single – black and white?,

There are several model of bathroom vanities, You can complete your modern bathroom with single or double bathroom vanities. The first picture is the simple of single modern vanity in black and white color. Double bathroom vanity sinks are suitable installed on a public bathroom or for a big family house, below is the sample of modern double bathroom vanities design, the bathroom vanity is completed with mirrors and bathroom cabinets.

modern bathroom vanities - double - black and whitemodern bathroom vanities – double – black and white

Commonly, the single bathroom vanity is located near with the toilet, here is the sample of small bathroom vanity near the toilet.

modern bathroom vanities in blue colormodern bathroom vanities in blue color

A bathroom vanity usually used a special bathroom sink, the sinks are made of various material, glass bathroom sinks of stone or marble bathroom sinks can be applied on a modern bathroom. Just choose your favorite sinks with similar color or material with your whole bathroom themes.

modern bathroom vanities with glassmodern bathroom sink with glass

modern bathroom vanities - with glass materialmodern bathroom sink vanities – with glass material

By blesak | October 21, 2014

Modern Home Design of Contemporary Wood Block Residence

Modern Home Design of contemporary wood block residence -  exteriorContemporary modern home design is a new concept of house design that used a new and fresh shape in order to get a minimalist but effective room arrangement. Here is the wood block residence modern home design, the modern house have a wonderful abode adorned with dark walls, exposed beams, tan wood ceiling and dark floors in perfect unison with the lush, green vegetation that provides a natural backdrop to this home on the Mercer Island, Washington. Made of concrete, metal and wood, this contemporary become a beautiful but strong house.

Modern Home Design of contemporary wood block residence -  interior

Modern Home Design of contemporary wood block residence -  glass window trim

Modern Home Design of contemporary wood block residence -  Bathroom Faucets

Modern Home Design of contemporary wood block residence -  Interior Floor Paint in kitchen

By blesak | October 20, 2014

Store Designs Shoes by Via Venetto

Via-Venetto-Store-Interior-Design1Shoes are the accessories that will complement your appearance. He became one of the most important thing in appearance than fashion. Therefore, more and more stores are popping up shoes, they also offer sizes and models that may be suitable for me, but the question is, why I chose to go in this store and not the other?Again, this is a marketing strategy to win customers. One of the important marketing strategy is to create an environment that supports the purchase, which is practical with exceptional interior design. For example created by Buensalido + Architect for Via Venetto Store, a shoe store.
When you enter this store, you will see a series of undulating curves that loom over you as you cross in the store. Archs are then interconnected with a myriad of bars, forming a diamond shaped web facet. Big deal to change a 30-year shoe store retailers to have a contemporary look of the interior design. Good.



By blesak | October 20, 2014

Modern Home Design – Interior Wood Decorating Ideas

house-interior-design-contemporary-wood-ideasWood is a common ingredient in home design, whether interior or exterior. A modern interior would look beautiful with decoration of wood. Here we see a soft tension spread this stunning architect designed house. This is also very contemporary, crisp and modern. But at the same time he drew on traditional architecture and landscape design for inspiration and decoration. At the heart of this unique home with morphogenesis is something of a cross between a traditional fireplace and modern greeting area graded.Something that covers the gap between personal and company in a strange but interesting. Views of lush interiors combine aspects of traditional Indian design aesthetics and of course respond to the harsh climate of the country but in some ways could be found any where in the world. Please kvisit our web for pictures and more ideas.

By blesak | October 19, 2014

Patio Lighting Ideas- Garden and Outdoor


Patio lighting is very important to beautify our homeshari. Good lighting on patio home not only to beautify the patio. But also make the house safer. With good lighting on thepatio will minimize the possibility of a thief. Because there is any movement will be easily visible.


By blesak | October 19, 2014
By blesak | October 14, 2014

Daily Update Modern Home Design Collection of Living Room

modern living room designAfter searching on the web, most of people want to own a modern style on their house, here are my collection of favorite modern living room design, a modern living room is a living room with something new and fresh look decoration. As a modern people need, a modern living room doesn’t need a complex and huge furniture, just use a little and simple furniture. Its also decorated in minimalism architecture, simple coloring scheme and simple lighting ideas too.

modern living room design with luxurious style

modern living room design with contemporary style

modern living room design with storage furniture

modern living room design with elegant but minimalist style